Our Mission

Our mission is to create exemplary products from the soul, that retain their value and quality. We create functional works of art that push past boundaries and expectations by always striving for new and exciting ideas. Our goal is to build a legacy one customer at a time, yet never take ourselves so seriously we forget to live.

Statement to the Customer

Furr I.P. Inc. takes pride in our customer service. We provide an experience different from going to a guitar store or shopping online. In many of those cases guitars are made one size fits all and the customer picks the one closest to their personality. We hand picks exotic woods with strong tone qualities, perfect for instruments. Along with tone and density, woods are also chosen for their natural beauty. Each spiral, stripe, loop, and swirl is as unique as the individuals who play them. Once the wood is chosen he consults with the client about the design and individual components for the guitar. We build a guitar from the ground up and allowing you, the customer, to be apart of the process. We guarantee you a work of art. A product that is as individual, unique, and special as you.  A handcrafted guitar that stands alone in a room full of other guitars. an instrument that can be never be replicated. Your Furr Guitar is not a product, it's an experience.

Furr's line of Custom Hand Crafted Instruments

The F1: The Classic Furr Guitar

The F1 sets the standard for design, tone, and quality. Comfort and style should be the words that come to your mind when you see and play this guitar.This form fitting body comes with a our signature handle. The Solo saddle at the bottom of the guitar is made for stability while playing onstage. With a 25 1/2 inch neck and locking Tuners this bolt on neck is made for comfort and reliability. The F1 comes with treble and bass humbuckers, three way switch, one volume and two tone knobs. also has a neck or bridge open volume one tone configuration. The body is complete with a Tuno-o- matic bridge and tail piece. These guitars can be made to order or with a starting price of.....$1499.99*


The F2: The second generation Furr Guitar

The F2 had all the versatility of the F1 in a smaller package. we designed this body to be even more ergonomic then the F1 while retaining the style and signature Furr handle. The bottom contour's solo saddle. With a 25 1/2 inch neck and locking Tuners this bolt on neck is made for versatile playing. The F2 has one "soapbar" P90 pickup in the neck or bridge position. The guitar comes with  tune-o -matic bridge and tailpiece. These guitars can be made to order or with a starting price of.... $1499.99*


The F3: the Furrcaster

A modern take on a classic Guitar style. The F3 "Furrcaster" is our take on the timeless “strat” Design. We use the body of a F1 and take the design to the limit by including three single coil pickups one volume two tone knobs and a 6 way switch. A vintage bridge tremo combination allows the guitar to gain increased sustain and versatile playability. These guitars can be made to order or with a starting price of .....$1499.99*


The Flight: The Travel Guitar

Designed to give you all of what you expect from Furr anywhere you need to be. This guitar is Furr's take on the travel guitar. the body was made to be light weight comfortable. This hollow body work of art is perfect for camping, busking, playing in small places, and airplane travel. the guitar is complete with a noise canceling DiMarzio cruizer pickup locking, tuners, bolt on neck, and one volume/ tone concentric knob. These guitars are made to order with a starting price of.... $1299.00*


The F1B: The Bass

The power to shake the ground and Tone to hit your core. The  the 34 inch neck and F1B is our take on The precision bass. double cutaway handles allow this bass to turn heads wile you walk into gigs. One volume, one tone and, a Stacked high output P100 pickup. Allows this bass to sound as good and it looks. These guitars can be made to order or with a starting price of....$1999.99


Wood, components, body, style, and special request can be modified per order, pricing may vary.*



Head Guitar Maker/C.E.O. 
Brian A. Furr

Brian Furr is a creative fusion of an entrepreneur musical artist, craftsman and philanthropist. As the owner of Furr IP, Brian has dedicated himself to unlocking his creative passion and producing some of the most unique and awe-inspiring guitars you’ve ever seen.
His gift is not one that was developed overnight or spawned from technical classes at major art institutions. Brian’s gift is a labor of love, an ode to people who never give up on their dreams, a representation of trial and error and a mission to consistently develop his childhood dreams and experiences.

Every craftsman has a story. And Brian’s story contributes to the beauty in his work. From a very young age, Brian fell in love with music while his friends fell in love with sports. Always feeling like the “guy on the bench playing the guitar”, Brian embraced his love for music and fine musical equipment and allowed it to fuel his passion to pursue the performing arts as a career—even when people cautioned him not to. Whether it was playing in public places to random audiences or strategically positioning himself to showcase his talent, Brian was relentless with his passion and he believed it would pay off.

As an artist, Brian believed that his instrument deserved to be just as beautiful as the music that came out of it. This challenged him to take his instrument into his hands in a different way by handcrafting each element of a guitar and building it to suit his ideas and his story. He didn't think he could do it on his own so he went to several experienced professionals who should have been able to assist him. And after repeated letdowns, doors being closed in his face and naysayer, Brian turned his disbelief into a journey to make every guitar he touched a handcrafted representation of his belief in himself and his art.

With every guitar he crafts, Brian puts his soul, his experiences and his intelligence to work. He finds the best pieces of wood that match his customers’ individual styles and the way the sound needs to be produced. He listens to his customers’ stories and their desires and he takes pieces of them and puts them into the guitar. When the guitar is complete, it sounds like perfection and it looks like a dream come to life.

Furr IP is Brian’s story from a young child with a passion for music to a thriving entrepreneur with a passion for success. He cares about every single instrument and customer who comes his way and he believes in inspiring them to imagine perfection.


Manufacturer Warranty

Furr Guitar’s warrants this Furr instrument to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as it is owned by the original retail purchaser, except that pickups, switches, jacks, controls, all other electronic components, tuning machines, hardware, pick guard, plated surfaces, cases and case hardware are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase. This warranty applies only to the original retail purchaser when this instrument is purchased from an Authorized Furr Guitar’s Dealer and is subject to the limitations set forth herein. IMPORTANT: PLEASE RETAIN YOUR ORIGINAL SALES RECEIPT, AS IT IS YOUR PROOF OF PURCHASE VALIDATING THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. The Furr Dealer from whom you purchased your instrument may also be authorized for warranty service and should be the first point of contact when service of any kind is required for your instrument. To receive warranty service, return the complete instrument to Furr Guitar’s, with your sales receipt as proof of purchase, during the applicable warranty period. Defective components that qualify for coverage under this warranty will be repaired or replaced without charge. All transportation, insurance and freight charges associated with warranty service and repairs on Furr instruments are the responsibility of the purchaser, as is any service initiated for the purpose of customizing setups or adjustments beyond original specifications. Initial standard setup and adjustment of the instrument and its components at the time of purchase are considered normal Dealer product preparation, and are not covered by this warranty Limitations and Exclusions.

The following items are not covered by this warranty:

  1. Fret wear, saddle wear, nut wear, strings and batteries.
  2. Setups, adjustments or routine maintenance of any kind.
  3. Damage to finishes or cracks, splitting, or warping of wood due to changes in temperature or humidity, exposure to or contact with sun, fire, moisture, perspiration, body salts and acids, guitar straps, guitar stands/hangers made from vinyl, plastic, rubber or other synthetic materials, any other chemicals or non-Furr approved polishes.
  4. Damage, corrosion or rusting of any hardware components caused by humidity, salty air, or exposure to the moisture, body salts and acids of perspiration.
  5. Any damage to an instrument resulting from customization or modification.
  6. Normal wear and tear on any part of the instrument or case including jacks, controls, switches, plated surfaces, tuning machines, pick-guards, handles, latches, case hardware etc.
  7. All other damage and deterioration due to normal usage, wear and tear, aging, accidents, neglect, abuse, or Acts of Nature.
  8. Any instrument, whose serial number is missing, altered or tampered with in any fashion.
  9. Any instrument purchased from anyone other than an Authorized Furr Guitars' Dealer.
  10. Instruments that have been serviced by unauthorized persons (any person other than a Furr guitar’s Certified Technician at an Authorized Furr Guitar’s Service Center).